Share your car? Share the ride… meet someone going your way.

You never know how far it might go.

MyCarpools are on a Drive to put More traffic on the internet - and less on the roads.™

After a decade of building on-line carpooling services for organisations MyCarpools has perfected the art of secure on-line carpooling and can customise a solution for groups as large as the largest corporation or university, or as small as your local primary school.

For large organisations we can provide a highly secure service administered by an in-house manager that can deliver meaningful travel cost savings to your staff or students, reducing car park demand on site, while providing management reports and communication options that large organisations need.

For small groups MyCarpools has a unique, low-cost secure solution that can be easily managed by volunteers to help people get along to places together.

Meet someone going your way! And save money too.

Carpooling saves money sharing the cost of fuel, tolls and parking. The more people in your carpool, the more everyone saves!

Setting up a carpooling service for your group or organisation has a range of benefits that can make important differences.

A carpooling platform is another whole new transport option that anyone can use either regularly, or as needed, for instance if there is a public transport problem, or if their own car is out of commission. Having a carpool strengthens informal networks and provides options for both routine and emergency travel that can help everyone.

Do something for everyone - start a carpool at work.

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